Photo of Megan
This is a website by and for Megan Bates. It has
3d sculpture of a head work,
study painting art,
3d sculpture of a head experiments.
The problem with being a bit of a polymath is that it can make organising a
home website
kind of confusing.

The work I make varies from the
digital symbiote philosophical
to the
smartviz practical,
but I try to keep it
coding sketches exciting,
esc sculpture environmentally focussed,
medusa antiracist.

I'm passionate about
oxford access guide accessibility
but as an able-bodied person working with
coding sketches flashy
code its a challenge to innovate with
gaze both.
I'm also quite
tarotgame spiritually interested
and like being into computers in a
render paintings grounded
way. I take a
oapvr feminist
approach and like to
github share information
circuit board teach.
I <3 open source!

If you're interested in the ways in which I'm a programming wiz,
3d sculpture of a head look here.
If you're interested in my artwork,
embroidery look here.
Contact me
contact screenshot here.